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#91251 Recording Engineer

Filing Deadline: Wed 12/20/2017

This is a 40% limited appointment may be extended or converted to career status based on the needs of the department.


The Recording and Audio Engineer is a part-time high-level research supporter and practitioner who serves the Music Department faculty and advanced student constituency as an expert in all aspects of recording. Possesses refined skills and extensive experience in analogue and digital recording and mastering; a high level of technical knowledge and musical sophistication in classical, contemporary, jazz and experimental music.

Responsible for archival, faculty research, festival, special projects and curricular projects, in department supported or recharge supported environments, requiring audio engineering at an advanced professional level, delivering results of the highest quality given the constraints of available resources and appropriate to the nature of each project, in a timely manner.

Trains and supervises professional and student audio engineering assistants for a variety of tasks within the Department. When requested, advises the Production Manager & Studio Director in planning for and supervising audio engineering operations of the Music Department, including equipment repair/maintenance/replacement. As requested, and consistent with Departmental and University policy and procedures, assists in the coordination and planning of technical services including budget preparation, purchasing recommendations, recharge rates, and long term planning. Serves the Department as a technical consultant to faculty and students from ICAM undergraduate program through PhD dissertations.

Operates shared lab facilities in an atmosphere of collegial spirit that promotes learning, collaboration, experimentation and professional achievement as well as technical excellence. Facilitates and supports an array of overlapping projects (which are often in competition for limited resources) with fairness and equanimity. Provides support to student, staff and faculty with expertise appropriate to a professional production environment but consistent with the goals, aspirations and collegial qualities of a University research and learning community.

  • On occasion, must be willing to work in high-pressure situations, on long shifts, at all hours of the day, any day of the week (e.g., for special studio recording sessions and for live, in-concert recordings).

  • Frequent evening and weekend concert recording sessions. Restricted working quarters (e.g., recording control room).


  • Expert user of state-of-the-art, high-end analog and digital mixing mixing consoles (in-line, split designs of up to 60 channels with complex routing, low noise architecture); console automation systems and strategies, signal routing, interfacing, processing, dynamics, etc.

  • Expertise in digital studio "housekeeping" operations and infrastructures, including digital audio file transfer conventions, compression schemes, hard-disk recording technologies, digital archiving procedures, etc.

  • Maintains a high level of knowledge and skills in contemporary micing techniques and microphone selection. This may include but is not limited to X/Y, ORTF, Blumlein, Coincident Pair, M/S, NOS, Faulkner, Binaural and Spaced pair concert recording techniques; close micing and other studio micing techniques.

  • Expertise in all aspects and operation of state-of-the-art digital audio workstation technology, including multi-channel recording and mixing operation, de-noising, filtration, etc.

  • Demonstrated expertise with a variety of music and audio engineering software applications.

  • Maintains authoritative, constantly upgraded knowledge of production techniques and skills with an emphasis upon balancing practicality with capturing and maintaining the highest audio quality throughout the all aspects of the production chain.

  • Knowledge and skills in contemporary (digital and analog) multi-track recording techniques. Familiarity with MIDI and other control and audio interfacing protocols.

  • Expert skills as an audio editor and mastering engineer; knowledge of industry standards and conventions for professional production results.

  • Skills and knowledge in the use of various types of professional compression and/or noise reduction devices: operation, compatibility and suitability for use with various types of program material.

  • Knowledge and skills in general analog and digital audio equipment: expert use, operational assessment and calibration of equipment. Knowledge of currently available equipment used in most phases of recording and production audio: performance specifications, availability, pricing and suitability.

  • Ability to work independently, under pressure, maintaining multiple on-going projects with an appropriate sense of priorities and the ability to maintain a high degree of technical and collegial professionalism.

  • Excellent communication and diplomacy skills; ability to provide fair-minded leadership and promote a collegial environment in a shared facility, promoting fair and equitable use of equipment, information and facilities by all constituents.

The University of California is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, protected veteran status, gender identity or sexual orientation. For the complete University of California nondiscrimination and affirmative action policy see: http://www-hr.ucsd.edu/saa/nondiscr.html

UC San Diego is a smoke and tobacco free environment. Please visit smokefree.ucsd.edu for more information.

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$27.35 - $32.68 /hour
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Limited Appointment
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RX Contract
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