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Be part of something greater than yourself... Come innovate at UC San Diego!

UC San Diego is an academic powerhouse and economic engine that is recognized throughout the world for its exceptional faculty, staff, programs and premier research endeavors. As a top 10 public university ranked by U.S. News & World Report, UC San Diego offers an environment that combines unsurpassed opportunities for professional growth, a commitment to diversity and stunning location with plenty of recreational attractions. With contributions from staff, UC San Diego cultivates innovation where students learn that knowledge is not just acquired in a classroom but life is their laboratory.

  • Accounting/Financial/Professional(18)

    Positions providing higher level admin support to mid-level management in university business and program operations. Payroll titles range from Admin Specialist and Admin Analyst to Management Services Officers and more.

  • Administrative & Support(10)

    Positions providing administrative and clerical support to business and program operations for all areas of the University. Payroll titles range from Clerk to Administrative Assistant III, including supervisory positions.

  • Development/Fundraising(9)

    Positions providing development and fundraising related support. Types of position range from development officer to directors of development.

  • Education/Training & Library(4)

    Positions related to teaching, training, and library specific positions.

  • Engineering (Physical & Sciences)(9)

    Positions providing engineering related support. Payroll titles range from development engineers, architects, environmental health and safety professionals to related technicians.

  • Entry Level/New Graduate(1)

    Positions for all areas of the University that require a little to no experience. Positions will range from administrative to research or clinical.

  • Executive & Management(10)

    Positions providing executive, senior managerial and senior technical professional leadership to the university.

  • Facilities/Maintenance/Trades(15)

    Positions providing operational and supervisory expertise in housekeeping, grounds keeping, custodial, maintenance, and all craft/trade titles.

  • Food Services/Hospitality(5)

    Positions related to food service workers, food preps, cooks, food & restaurant management.

  • Human Resources(5)

    Positions related to staffing, employee relations, benefits, HR generalist, compensation, labor relations, and department payroll services.

  • Information Technology(13)

    Positions providing IT expertise to the University. Payroll titles range from Programmer/Analysts I through V including applications programmers, network admin, systems analysts, web developers to computer resource specialist and support.

  • Legal(1)

    Positions related all legal functions such as licensed attorney, general counsel, and legal assistants.

  • Maritime/Sea-Going Ships Crew(4)

    Positions providing marine related expertise. Payroll titles range from marine trade titles requiring a Merchant Marine license to general ship’s crew oilers.

  • Marketing & Communications(5)

    Positions related to public relations, communications, brand marketing, and government relations.

  • Medical/Healthcare(4)

    Positions providing patient care in a variety of research and clinical settings. Some positions may require licensing or certifications. Titles range from physicians and nurses, to community health program representatives and technicians.

  • Miscellaneous(1)

    Positions ranging from retail, child development and jobs not generally related to other categories.

  • New Jobs at UCSD(80)

    New positions that have been posted in the past seven days.

  • Project/Program Management/Planning(5)

    Positions related to all project management, construction, and campus planning.

  • Research/Statistical/Sciences(20)

    Positions providing research related expertise. Payroll titles range from research technicians in medicine, marine science, life sciences, and physical sciences. Primary payroll titles includes Staff Research Associate and Laboratory Assistant.

  • Safety/Security(5)

    Positions providing law enforcement and security.

  • Student Affairs & Services(21)

    Positions providing student related expertise in student life, residential life, learning skills, student services, academic counselors and related paraprofessional titles. Payroll titles include Student Affairs Officers among others.

  • Transportation/Warehouse/Mail Services(3)

    Positions related to logistics, transportation, inventory control, and campus mail services.

  • UCSD Internal Recruitment(17)

    Positions limited to current UC San Diego's employees and former employees on active layoff status.

  • UCSD Temporary Employment(12)

    UC San Diego's in-house talent pool. Various professional support staff positions available. Temporary Employment Services (TES) is a great way to gain invaluable internal experience and temporary positions may lead to long-term career opportunities.

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