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Total Compensation Program
We are committed to providing a competitive compensation program for our employees. The University of California’s (UC) total compensation program is comprised of salary, health and welfare, and retirement benefits that include a generous pension plan, as well as other retirement savings options. We also offer other benefits, such as employee discounts to local businesses, insurance, bank and credit unions, wellness programs, employee assistance programs (EAP) and many other benefits and resources. Our benefits are recognized as being among the best, representing as much as 40 percent of an employees’ total annual compensation, depending on the type of appointment.

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Time Off, Vacation and Paid Holidays
We offer a generous vacation and sick leave program, including 12 days of sick leave, 13 paid holidays and paid vacation time ranging from 15 to 24 days a year depending on employment status and years of employee service. Accruals may vary based on appointment type and time worked.
We offer a range of comprehensive, low premium medical plans to our employees – HMOs, PPOs, consumer directed plans and more – that meet all requirements under the Affordable Care Act. Comprehensive vision and dental plans are offered to employees at no cost. In 2014, UC invested $1.5 billion on health and welfare benefits for its employees.
Health and Wellness
We believe the health of our employees is critical – healthy employees can mean a happier, more productive workplace. To promote a culture of wellness, we offer employees physical activity support like yoga classes and Weight Watchers groups, as well as healthy eating options at work and more.
UC Retirement
The retirement and savings benefits we offer are widely recognized as among the most tangible rewards of university employment. The retirement program consists of the UC Retirement Plan (UCRP), a Defined Benefit (pension) plan which offers monthly retirement income, disability income, death benefits and survivor income. Eligibility varies based on appointment type and time worked.

Employees may also have access to a UC Retirement Savings Program which consists of a Tax-Deferred 403(b) Plan, a 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan and a Defined Contribution Plan.
Educational Benefits
Our employees receive a variety of educational benefits, including reduced-fee enrollment or discounts on courses at UC San Diego. In some cases, employees may also be able to arrange time off or an alternative work schedule to attend classes.
Our benefits are put in place to attract, retain and develop a qualified and diverse workforce committed to excellence. We strive to create a workplace environment in which employees from all backgrounds communicate and work together.

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Additional Benefits
  • Disability, life and accident insurance
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Legal expense plan
  • Auto, home and renter’s insurance
  • Banking services, home mortgage loan programs, credit unions
  • Discounts on various recreational activities and entertainment tickets
  • Opportunity to participate in ScholarShare - California’s 529 College Savings Plan which allows post-tax contributions used to pay for higher education expenses.

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