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Application and Resume Writing Tips

Your application and resume are important tools to your job search and frequently are the initial contact you will have with recruiters and hiring managers.
Tips for Filling Out Your Online Application
  • Complete the whole online application
  • Be truthful; do not exaggerate or mislead
  • Include all professional licenses, certifications
  • Include all post graduate / vocational schooling
Components of a Resume
  • Contact information: name, address, cell/home phone, email address
  • Skills: technical, computer, soft skills which relate to the job you applying for.
  • Work history/experience: start with most recent and go backward and include name of company, location (city, state), position title, dates of employment, brief description of company (optional, but helpful to hiring manager), brief list of duties/responsibilities, achievements for this company
  • Licenses/Certifications/association memberships with expiration dates if applicable
  • Education: name of college/university/school, location (city, state), degree, graduation date if recent
  • References: not required at time of application but are required at time of interview.
Tips for Resume Writing
  • Add your LinkedIn address to your contact information.
  • Do not use an email that is inappropriate. Create a separate email for your job searches that includes either your first name or last name.
  • Your skills list should be different for each job you apply for. Your resume should be customized for each position.
  • Exclude personal information (age, pictures, gender, religion, family/marital status, etc.).
  • Use specific action words. Use verbs that tell exactly what you did: provide, utilize, maintain, instruct, calculate, etc.
  • Avoid acronyms/abbreviations that are not familiar to the general public.
  • Carefully proofread your application and resume.
  • Use bullet points instead of paragraphs in your work history/experience section.
  • Include volunteer work that is relevant to the position.