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Frequently Asked Questions
Instructions:  The following are frequently asked questions about our new applicant system.

Profile Questions
Q1:  Why do I have to create a new profile?

A:  UC San Diego has added new features such as the ability to customize cover letters; resumes; ability to save multiple resumes; ability to save information as you complete your profile & resumes; ability to check your application status; ability to withdraw from a position; ability to bookmark jobs and ability to create and save job searches. In order to access these features, you will need to create a new profile.

Q2:  How long will the profile process take?

A:  It should take about 15 minutes or less. The process will be quicker if you have already created a resume and reference it when completing the profile.

Q3:  What if I start my profile but do not finish today?

A:  Once you complete the “Account Information” section to set your username and password, you will be registered. The system will save each section of the profile when you click “Save & Continue.” You may return at a later time to complete it before you apply for a position.

Q4:  Why do I have to complete a profile if I can upload a resume?

A:  The profile has been designed to be easy to complete. It has required information and is the first source of information recruiters and hiring mangers will see and use to determine your eligibility for employment. Incomplete profiles will not be considered.

Q5:  How do I save my profile if it’s not completed?

A:  The system will automatically save your information as you complete each section. You may return at any time to complete it.

Q6:  I used to have to wait up to 3 days before I could update/edit my profile information; do I have to wait with the new system?

A:  No. You can update/edit immediately but please see question 16 below.

Q7:  Can I list volunteer/internship experience as a job?

A:  You may list your volunteer/internship experience in the work history section of your profile and on your resume. Please remember to describe specific responsibilities/duties of your volunteer/internship assignment, much like you would for a paid position.

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Q8:  Can I update my resume for positions I have already applied for using the old system?

A:  With the transition to this new system further updates of your previous information are unavailable.

Q9:  Will I have access to my old resume?

A:  Yes. When you create your new profile be sure to use the same contact information you used in the old system, and we will attempt to retrieve your old resume and place it in your “My Resume” area. However, now that you can customize/upload a resume for each job, it is highly recommend that you do this when applying.

Q10:  Will I be able to customize my resume and cover letter for each job I apply for?

A:  Yes, you will be allowed to upload customized resumes and cover letters for each position you apply for. You will have the ability to keep different versions of your resumes on file in the “My Resumes” section to use as you apply for positions.

Q11:  If I don’t have a resume can I build one?

A:  Yes, you may use the Resume Builder to create a resume. The builder will use the education and employment history that you entered in your profile to help you complete a resume.

Q12:  How many resumes can I hold in the system at one time and for how long?

A:  You can hold as many resumes in the system as you would like. If you do not use a resume to apply for a position within a rolling 6 month period, it will be dropped from your My Resume section. (Remember though that you are uploading resumes, so keep a copy on your home computer)

Q13:  Can you just upload a Microsoft Word or PDF file or can you upload other software?

A:  The system will allow only Microsoft Word/Word Processor or PDF formats under 2 MB. Please do not include photos on your resumes.

Q14:  Can I go back into the system and tweak my resume after I apply for a job?

A:  See question 16 below.

Q15:  Do I have to use a particular font in the resume that I’m uploading?

A:  No, you can use any font, but it is best to use Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana.

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Q16:  Will I be able to update/edit my application and attached documents after I apply for a specific position?

A:  No, You can only update and edit your application and attached documents before you submit them for a specific position. Once you submit your application for a specific position the only information you may update for that position is the contact information in your profile.

The system will remember the jobs you started to apply for and you may click the “Finish Later” button which will save information and store your application and attached documents. But remember, you MUST return and apply before the filing deadline.

Q17:  Where do I find the jobs I started to apply for?

A:  Under the “My Jobs” tab, click on “Applications In Progress.” You will be prompted to sign in and then you will be provided a list of jobs you have started to apply for.

Q18:  How do I update/edit my resume before I submit it?

A:  (UPLOADED RESUME) You will need to edit your resume in the program you created it in (i.e. Microsoft Word or Word Perfect). Then click the “Upload a new resume to add to My Resumes” link. Upload your edited resume and then it will be attached to the job you are applying for.

(RESUME BUILDER) Click on the “Create a new resume using the Resume Builder” link and when done, the last resume you created using the Resume Builder will appear for you can edit. Click “Preview Resume” then click “Continue” and it will be attached to the job you are applying for.

Q19:  Will the hiring department or Human Resources contact me?

A:  If you have been referred for a position and selected for an interview, the hiring department will contact you to invite you for an interview via phone or email, so be sure both of these are current in your profile.

Q20:  When will I hear back from UCSD after I apply for a position?

A:  While there are no definitive response times regarding the status of your application for a particular position, you can check the status of your application for positions by clicking on “My Current Status” under the “My Jobs” tab, which is updated once screening and hiring decisions have been made.

Q21:  Can I better my chances for interview or hire if I contact the department directly?

A:  Department hiring managers and their Human Resources staff have established timelines for their open recruitments. It is in the applicant’s best interest not to contact the department directly. Some departments view this as an applicant’s ability or inability to follow direction.

Q22:  Is there a limit to how many jobs I can apply for?

A:  No, you can apply to as many positions for which you feel you are qualified for. It is common for UC San Diego to receive over 200 applicants for a single position, so be sure you meet the qualifications listed on the job posting before applying.

Q23:  If the job states “Internal Recruitment,” is it only for internal applicants?

A:  The UCSD Internal Recruitment Program allows career employees to receive priority consideration for referral to vacancies. In the event that a qualified candidate is not found within the internal pool of applicants, the external applicant pool can be requested by the hiring manager and qualified external applicants will be referred for the position.

Q24:  Will I still get consideration for positions I applied for using the old system?

A:  Absolutely. We have kept all records of the jobs you have previously applied for and will receive the same consideration if you have applied using the old or new system.

Q25:  If I applied for a position using the old system, should I resubmit/reapply for positions I had applied for using the new system?

A:  No. You will be unable to resubmit/reapply for positions you have already applied for. Hiring managers at UC San Diego will give the same consideration to all applicants regardless of which system they used. Hiring managers have also been instructed that if they need further information from an applicant who used the old system to contact the applicant directly.

Q26:  Will I be able to view my status for positions I have already applied for?

A:  Yes. When you create your new profile be sure to use the same contact information you used in the old system and we will attempt to retrieve your old history and place it in your “My Current Status” area.

Q27:  Can I get a job at UC San Diego if I am not a U.S. citizen?

A:  Anyone authorized to work in the United States can apply for open positions. UC San Diego does not typically sponsor for work related visas or permanent residency (green card) except in exceptional circumstances.

Q28:  Why wasn’t my resume referred?

A:  UC San Diego receives on average over 150,000 resumes a year and about 25,000 new applicants so the managers and recruiters are charged with referring individuals who most closely match the requirements of the position. Don’t get discouraged sometimes persistence and changing your approach (updating your resume, going to the Free UC San Diego How to Get Hired Workshop) may be what it takes to be referred.

Q29:  What is the deadline to apply?

A:  Each position has a specific deadline listed on the job posting. Once that date has pasted the job will be removed from the job bulletin, bookmarked jobs and your applications in progress.

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Q30:  How do I search for a position?

A:  In the top right corner there is a search box. You may type in a single keyword, multiple keywords or job numbers (i.e. Human Resources, Recruitment, Manager or 44444, 44441) and then click the go button.

Q31:  Can I bookmark jobs and come back to apply for them later?

A:  Yes, after you have created a profile. Remember to come back before the filling deadline of the position or it will drop out of your Bookmarked Job section.

Q32:  Will the new system perform automatic matching of applicants to job vacancies?

A:  No, the system does not perform automatic matching. You must apply for each job for which you re qualified.

Q33:  Will I be able to withdraw myself from consideration?

A:  Yes. You may withdraw your application by accessing the “My Current Status” section.

Q34:  Is there a spell check on the new system?

A:  Not yet, but we are working on it.

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