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Search This Category Maritime/Sea-Going Ships Crew Positions providing marine related expertise. Payroll titles range from marine trade titles requiring a Merchant Marine license to general ship’s crew oilers. Sort By: Title | Job Number | Date Posted | Deadline 5 Open Positions
Asst.Oceanographic Development Engineer #81642 CLIMATE/ATMOS SCI/PHY OCEANOG (100% Career) Hiring Salary Range: $22.99 - $30.65 /hour Filing Deadline: Wed 5/4/2016
Marine Molecular Biology Lab Assistant #81490 MARINE BIOLOGY (50-100% Career) Hiring Salary Range: $19.29 /hour Filing Deadline: Thu 4/28/2016
Temporary Development Technician #TP80793 TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT SERVICES (Variable% Temp) Hiring Salary Range: $15.77 - $17.69 /hour Filing Deadline: Fri 5/6/2016
SIO RESEARCH VESSEL CREW #79734 NIMITZ MARINE FACIL (25 - 100% Per Diem) Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience Filing Deadline: Tue 6/14/2016
Principal Coastal Developmental Engineer #79585 INTEGR OCEANOGRAPHY DIV (100% Career) Hiring Salary Range: $75,000 - $112,000 /year Extended Deadline: Thu 4/28/2016
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