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How to Apply - Internal Recruitment Positions
About the UCSD Internal Recruitment Program
UCSD career employees receive priority consideration for referral to vacancies in selected payroll titles by applying from the listing in the Internal Recruitment section of the Job Bulletin.

What titles are eligible?
    Career vacancies in the following payroll titles are eligible for the internal recruitment program:
  • Assistant III
  • Administrative Specialist
  • Assistant through Senior Administrative Analyst
  • Administrative coordinator
  • Student Affairs Officer I-IV
  • Programmer analyst II

How does it work?
  • Career non-probationary employees are eligible to apply and receive priority consideration for referral to the hiring manager.
  • Only eligible qualified employees are referred during the internal recruitment posting period for priority consideration.
  • Referrals for priority consideration can be made if three or more qualified individuals apply. If fewer than three internal candidates apply, the external applicant pool will also be considered.
  • Recruitment will close without consideration of external candidates if the hiring manager selects an internal candidate.

How do I apply?
    If you are a current UC San Diego career employee who has passed their six-month probationary period you may apply by:
  • When completing your profile you must indicate that you are a current UC San Diego Employee who has passed your six month probationary period.
  • You may then search for UC San Diego Internal Recruitment Program position located on the Job Bulletin and apply using the apply here link.

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